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As I get older I am finding out I have had many #Acquaintances but very few #Friends. It's cool I made it this far without them!! 😎 #Life
7th December, 2016
Really, who am I kidding. Including everyone here, online, etc it's probably 100,000...yet I go to concerts, etc by myself?! #acquaintances
5th December, 2016
@ScottFordTVGuy I have found that If You have 1 #True friend in life, then you are a very lucky man. Most people are just #acquaintances
5th December, 2016
Hate when ppl you not that tight with make small talk like haven't seen you in forever.. Lmao guess why not?! #acquaintances
5th December, 2016
Friends seems to be a heavy word #Acquaintances at school will do🤔🤔🤔🤔
2nd December, 2016