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Part 2 "Greatest masterpiece of AC series" Yeah, sure. So much hypocrisy. Steel carnage? No, story and hearth, so…
19th March, 2018
I haven't forgotten what they did. Remeber the words of your beloved senpai! #ACECOMBAT #AceCombat7
19th March, 2018
The most harassed guy in Ace Combat "community"? Whinimg Kono? Not at all! The poor BamcoUS marketing dude sometim…
17th March, 2018
@BandaiNamcoUS Would be great if you give us some information about #AceCombat7
16th March, 2018
Hey @BandaiNamcoUK when are we going to be blessed with the release of #acecombat7 😃
15th March, 2018
I wish I could go to GDC18 to play #AceCombat7 but the tickets are an outrageous 250$. I thought it would be my cha…
15th March, 2018
If someone in the #AceCombat7 community had these skills we might finally get that release date lol... Shadow of t…
14th March, 2018